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Are you interested in journalism or multimedia storytelling? Do you have a passion for educational equity? You're in the right place. The Bell is looking for students who want to dive into the world of digital journalism to raise awareness of inequality in New York City high schools. Interns will work with editor Taylor McGraw and other journalists to tell stories from inside the nation's largest and most unequal school system.

What exactly will I do?

Each intern will have specific roles and responsibilities, which may include:

– generating story ideas
– recruiting interview subjects
– conducting interviews
– reporting in the field
– writing and editing scripts
– co-hosting shows
– taking photos
– creating web layouts
– marketing and promotion

What's the time commitment?

We will meet as a team once a week for 1.5 hours after school. You should expect to commit an additional 2-3 hours per week remotely. We'll start the week of January 22 and work until the end of the school year. February and March will be the busiest months.

Where will we meet? 

Our meeting locations will vary. Sometimes we'll meet at schools. Other times we'll meet at offices in downtown Brooklyn or Manhattan.

What are the benefits?

You'll get a bio on The Bell's website, credit on each story you help produce, a letter of recommendation from editor Taylor McGraw, and a small cash stipend upon completion of the internship. Most importantly, you will acquire journalism and multimedia storytelling skills that you can use in college and beyond!

How do I apply?

Write a 250-400 word statement of interest that includes:
– why you want to tell stories about inequality in NYC high schools
– what skills or mindsets you will bring to the team
– what you hope to gain from the experience

Attach the statement and your resume in an email to taylor@bellpodcast.com by Monday, January 15 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Write "The Bell internship application" in the subject line of the e-mail. 

What if I'm interested but not totally sure?

E-mail your questions to taylor@bellpodcast.com.